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About Us

Now, if you lived or grew up in the Coastal empire community, this is going to be nostalgic. The Low Country is known for its fresh seafood, mainly conch, shrimp, crabs, local fish and oysters. Where do the locals get all that goodness without their own boats and gear? They get it from their local market. These unassuming and modest buildings serve the freshest seafood and are typically the first stop to prepare for a down home low country boil. Today, I am talking about Tiga Lee Low Country Boil. Being raised in the Low Country Coastal empire, my eyes zeroed in on eating low country boil every weekend. You can buy ingredients fresh to cook at home, request to be steamed right in the store or pick up some prepared crab stew, low country rice (perlow) or seafood salad to take home. That's why people love a good market; there is so much to choose from plus we boil it on the spot. Most people opt to call ahead for the delicious steamed crabs, low country boil or the spicy conch. We specialize in the ocean's greatest delicacy; spicy conch. We grew up having a special    relationship with the water creating a southern style   seafood shack offering boiled shrimp, steamed oysters and  blue crabs by the pound.

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